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No matter how advanced technology becomes, and how fancy and high-tech new timepiece designs may be, it is true that an exquisite, quality watch is still an imperative executive accouterments. A carefully selected watch is just what you need as a style signature for your executive look. I don’t need to mention that time management is essential for everyone; that is why you need to keep checking with your wrist watch. So whatever your style is, be it classic, tech-heavy or rugged, you can enhance your looks by a great watch. You can be sure that a watch says a lot about you. We here have great recommendations that would exquisitely enhance your image.

GShock G7900A-the best rugged feel!

This makes for one of the best rugged men’s watches. This particular watch comes in a range of colors: white, blue, red, black and olive green. Some of its major stand out features includes the following: the guards under the bracelet-there are very few watches in the market with such an ingenious feature; the moon and tight graph captures your attention and make the display so cool, and clear. The buttons are large and comfortable to operate. It is easy to use this watch-you only need a couple of minutes with the guide and you are good to go. It has an excellent blue-backlight for reading in darkness and an automatic-on light. Its case is deeply recessed for protection especially when doing outdoor activities. This watch nicely compliments the dark colors and stands out to demand attention. For every rugged dresser-this is the watch to go with.

Rolex Submariner

suit-men-style-watch-rolex-submariner1[1] Are you a star? Are you a celebrity or public figure? Are you a high end person? Undoubtedly this beautiful Rolex watch is what you need to complete your high end and superb look. This watch is the strongest of the high end and would survive virtually every challenge so bravely. It has a ceramic bezel that shines amazingly. It is a valuable classy piece that could complement your wedding ring and continue to add a sparkle to each of your exquisite and classic dressing.

Citizen Men's AT9010-52E

This is the best ‘world time A-T’ watch and also takes the lead in being the best eco-drive watch! It is the best choice for those who frequently travel-particularly so for businessmen. The eco drive is fueled by light so that you don’t need a battery-that’s cool! The beauty of this watch is great with the stainless steel nicely contrasting with orange on dial. This watch is water resistant and is very durable. Its display is analogue with Japanese quartz movement. Its protective features include; a dial window that is anti-reflective sapphire crystal, a date window and luminous bands.

Bulova Men's 96B175

maxresdefault[2] This is the perfect watch for a ‘precisionist’; it makes for one of the world’s most accurate movements. Its accuracy has been traced to seconds. Its precision chronograph has been timed to 1/1,000 of a second. The sweeping second hand is gorgeous and the watch is just comfortable to have on your wrist. For men with style; this is the watch for you.

Nixon Men's 51-30 Chrono Watch

This watch perfectly goes with any style and also has bling effect. You can be sure to be compliment and noticed with this watch at whatever occasion you dress for with this watch.

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