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photo by Ashley Webb

  Top quality clothing makes men feel good about themselves, and nothing indicates quality better than real leather. A stunning leather jacket is suitable attire for most occasion, and it becomes your best friend for many years. It seems that the more you wear leather, the more comfortable it becomes. The most common styles of leather jacket are the blazer, bomber jacket, and long coat. If you intend to spend a lot of money on this attire, you must choose the right one for you. Here is a rundown of what you should look for when buying your new leather jacket.   The Cut And Style How can I put this delicately? Try to avoid bomber jackets if you are on the portly side. They are cut to fit snugly around the waste, and will not flatter your physique. Of course, if you are buying a leather jacket to wear when riding a motorcycle, the bomber jacket is desirable for any body shape because of its practicality. Whatever the style, Barney & Taylor has something to suit.   Colour Leather comes in many shades, so take a look at your clothing and try to work out the optimum colour to compliment it. Black is the most common colour as it goes with just about everything, but don’t discount the many brown shades that look very classy.   Does It Fit? If you are buying online, make sure that the seller has a no quibble money back returns policy if the jacket doesn’t fit you. To be sure of a good fit, it is always advisable to shop in store so that you can sample the quality and find the perfect fit for you. Sleeve length is an important consideration when trying on potential items. Hold your arms out straight in front of you and see that the sleeve does pull back up your forearm any further than just past your wrist watch. Then, hold your hands by your side to make sure that the sleeve finishes at your wrist. The sleeve must never cover part of the hands or it makes the jacket look too big.   Material If your jacket is likely to be worn in the rain regularly, it is probably best to avoid suede. Other leathers have coatings that protect them and to fill out the grain. Aniline leather is the most natural looking because but does not have a protective coating. The grain of the leather shows through, but it soils easier than semi aniline or pigmented varieties.   The Lining The liningprotects the inside of the jacket and adds weight to it. Linings made of top quality material also add a touch of class to what may otherwise be an unremarkable item of clothing.   Zips Or Buttons The style of the jacket will usually point to which fastening is best. Bomber jackets, for example, are ideally suited to zip fastenings, and buttons suit blazers well. Think carefully before investing in a top quality jacket, and get the best for your money. A man always walks a little taller in quality gear.

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