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It’s easy to underestimate just how many different factors need to be considered when you have to select your new corporate ties, but, before you think about printed vs woven or silk vs polyester, you really need to think about what colours you’ll be using.   There are plenty of options, from the traditional stripe or polka dot to a more daring design. Some businesses benefit from going bolder, but you shouldn’t let those more eye-catching options distract you from the benefits that come with a simple solid colour tie.   Here are just a few reasons why they work well for corporate wear.  

More Versatile

  A tie of one set colour is going to work well with almost any type of suit, jacket, or shirt. In contrast, more elaborate ties will tend to jar a little with certain cuts, colours, or fabrics. But the versatility of a solid colour tie goes beyond that. Remember that very different people are going to be wearing your corporate ties. Maybe a couple of them will look great in a polka dot tie, but not all of them. For something universal, the solid colour tie stands supreme.  

Easier to Maintain

  A corporate tie is often going to be worn every day of the working week, so it’s nice to know that yours are relatively easy to keep looking their sharpest. Ties with several different colours tend to show even the slightest stain or wrinkle more easily than a solid colour tie, and such imperfections will present a poor impression. Of course, your team should always keep their ties clean, but accidents do happen. Best to pick the most convenient option.  

More Professional

  In general, a solid colour tie is seen as more professional. Perhaps that’s down to the fact that they are more immediately distinctive, or perhaps it’s simply down to the fact that elaborate designs are associated with more casual environments. In any case, it’s a good idea to go for the more professional option when you can.

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