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watch1 Rolex is known all over the world for their top-quality fabulous luxury watches. It is the largest luxury watch brand that makes nearly 2000 watches every day with so many different watch models to choose from. Rolex watches are especially popular among men. Even with their highly expensive price tag people are ready to buy Rolex watches for themselves or even to gift them to others. So why is it that people are willing to spend so much on just a watch? Let's take a look at what makes Rolex watches so special that people just have to have them. One thing that definitely attracts people to buy a Rolex are its many unique and exclusive features. watch2

  • Quartz Movements: Rolex was part of the development of the original quartz movement watches. The engineers of Rolex played a huge role in implementing the design and technology for quartz model watches across the globe. The most famous Rolex creation in the Rolex Oyster watches collection is the Rolex Oysterquartz.
  • Water Resistance: Rolex watches were after all the first wristwatches with water-resistant cases that could tolerate water pressure up to a depth of 100 metres. There's the famous Rolex watch the ‘DeepSea', which made it to the Mariana Trench and back with the great oceanographer Jacques Piccard.
  • Automatic Movements: Rolex was the first to create self-winding wristwatches. The movement of a wearer's arm is enough to power this automatic mechanism so there's no need to manually wind the watch and time keeping is very reliable as well.
  • Certified Chronometers: Being the largest producer of Swiss certified chronometers, Rolex has the world record for having the most certified chronometer movements among watches.
So what else drives people to buy a Rolex? Is it just the fantastic features or is there something more that motivates people to spend so much on a Rolex watch? There most definitely is something more! Let's take a look. watch3 It is a Matter of Prestige It is that simple. People want a watch that is considered a symbol of prestige and affluence, and Rolex most certainly represents all of that. People want to be seen and known as well- to-do and successful. Wearing a Rolex will draw respect and admiration from others. It Has the Best Quality When you buy a watch like Rolex from Timepieces Belgium or other such luxury watch dealers, you will most probably get first-class quality products. People want to be seen as having class and great taste in the watch they have chosen to wear. A Rolex gives them a sense of satisfaction with its excellent quality. It is a Great Investment Buying a Rolex is truly a great investment because of its brand name, quality, durability and value. A Rolex watch is a classic piece that will never go out of style and its value will always remain great or even more since it is a vintage product. If ever you plan to sell it a Rolex will probably fetch you a better price than you paid for it! This article is provided by Agents of Drive Blog.

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