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As is the case with virtually every purchase we make, quality is one of the first motivations that comes to mind. Not only do we ensure longer use of our jacket; we also can save ourselves the trouble of looking for another one – and of course, saving unnecessary money. The guide that follows highlights some important issues to consider:

1. Waterproof

Buy only a jacket about which you are convinced is waterproof. When you’re out there on the cold, windy slopes, you want to be sure no rain or water particles find their way through your jacket. Since we wear various layers underneath the jacket anyway, it would be very unpleasant to have snow or rain drench right through onto the skin. Ask the shop assistant for a jacket with a high waterproofing rating.

pic 2. Insulation

Ensure your jacket provides proper insulation (not to be confused with waterproofing). A properly insulated jacket will keep you warm and comfortable, esp. if you’re skiing in very cold conditions. Your first choice would be a jacket with goose or duck down for excellent insulation if you choose slopes in a dry environment. If you find yourself in wet conditions more often, you want to wear a jacket that offers synthetic insulation.

3. Breathability

To ensure a pleasant day out on the slopes you need to make sure you choose a jacket with good breathability.  What you do not want is for body vapour to condense on your skin and make you feel warm, sweaty and uncomfortable. Your jacket should be able to ‘’breathe’’ so that your body gets rid of perspiration. Just like your jacket should have a high waterproof rating, it should be the case when it comes to breathability. Choose cleverly.


4. Hood And High Collar

Make sure your jacket comes with a hood and high collar to offer you maximum protection. You do not want to restrict your vision, so it may be a good idea to choose a jacket with a removable hood, but the hood is still great to keep out the cold when you’re actually not skiing. A tip: be sure that the collar has drawstrings to allow you to make it tighter around your neck and face when needed.

So, when choosing the best jacket, make sure that you go for quality and also keep the above in mind – your jacket will last longer; it will also keep you comfortable and happy on and around the slopes!

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