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paj1 It may seem odd for many, especially for women, to see men wear pyjamas, but the fact is some men do wear pyjamas. It can be unpleasing to the eye for some to see a sexy man dress in these kinds of clothes, but there’s a debate whether wearing this nightwear for men is a fashion trend or not. The fact is that during the 70’s and 80’s era, pyjamas were fashionable. Well, your dad would eventually wake up in the morning and then be having his breakfast with his pyjamas still on as standard. For sure in your childhood days you also wore pyjamas because mummy told you to, and you still remember the warm feeling they gave you. There’s no denying this, especially if you came from the 70’s or 80’s generation. paj2 The reason why pyjamas are worn by men is that the fabric used in making this nightwear is usually cotton. Remember, cotton is soft to the skin and it will keep you comfortable as you sleep the whole night with you partner. Also, this kind of nightwear for men is usually loose. Hence, it would let you feel comfy indeed as you sleep tight. For some women, this fashion  may look cute in men since they look younger (just like an adorable little boy) as they wear their two piece cloth. On the other hand, this is the new era and men are termed nowadays as “metro sexual” where men still dress with a fashion statement even as they go to bed. Wearing plaid buttoned pyjamas is a no-no, as the trend for this kind of nightwear for men is already obsolete and it’s not the fashion statement to be made nowadays. Bear in mind, the trend for men nowadays is to wear boxers or briefs in bed. Well, you would surely look sexier in boxers or briefs, especially if the design and colour is alluring in the eyes of your partner. But then again, some men would prefer to be naked in bed. You can always do nudity in bed and there nothing wrong with it since man is “born naked” anyway. Take note, naked is indeed normal and it usually makes you comfortable as you walk or do something else within the premises of your house. paj3 All hope is not lost when it comes to wearing pyjamas. You can make it more interesting by wearing pyjamas that are sexy, comfortable and also captivating in the eyes of your girlfriend or wife. It’s one way how to be unique and at the same time be looking sexy and trendy. Real men wear pyjamas because they are able to be worn at any time of the year, and if you’re already a father then you don’t really want to be strutting about the house in your birthday suit. You need to be wearing pyjamas to bed because it’s what our fathers did, and our father’s fathers, and it is just a snug way to settle down to the night ahead of you in front of the TV with your missus without hanging out all over the place.

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