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If you have ever had a back ache that just wouldn't go away you know how disruptive it can be to your entire life. They always seem to turn up at the most inconvenient times as well. Typical occasions for a visit from your back ache include moving house, a big public speaking event, during exams, and just before the big game. Of course, all of these events bring some stress with them which may be the reason your back started aching.

There are lots of reasons why we get back ache. Not all of them are serious or anything to worry about. The trouble with back ache is that it is so unpleasant and debilitating when we have important things to do. Often we can manage the pain with over the counter pain medicines or gentle relaxing exercises. But sometimes the pain becomes so intense we can't sleep or get comfortable or do some of our daily tasks.

If you regularly suffer from back ache, it may be time to confirm there is nothing seriously wrong. You can visit online or contact your local chiropractor for an appointment. They can check for serious conditions and signs of injury. They may also be able to make adjustments to help you gain some relief from the pain and discomfort of your back ache. It is very easy to cause postural problems for yourself in our everyday lives, but there are some things you can do to help prevent it.


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If your job or lifestyle involves a lot of sitting, try making an effort to sit up straight for sixty seconds every ten minutes. This will help you build strength in the muscles that support your posture, and maintain the shape of your entire body. A slouched position can trap nerves and reduce the effectiveness of your circulation. Remember, your nervous system needs to circulate as much as your cardiovascular system does. Try also to stretch all of your muscles for sixty seconds every ten minutes too.

These stretches and postural corrections on your part can be hugely beneficial. You may find they help tone and sculpt your figure too. Personalized chiropractic care puts you first. Making sure you know what helps you personally is the first step to improving your back problems, whether that be from working on your posture yourself or visiting a chiropractor. Yoga works well to help stretch your limbs and release the back to correct your posture. If you don't like the idea of Yoga, you could try visiting a physiotherapist regularly instead. Sometimes all we need is to build up the strength in the muscles supporting our spine and neck to be able to correct poor posture ourselves.

Poor posture can be the cause of many minor ailments, including obesity. We can feel more tired when our posture is incorrect, making us less motivated and energetic to undertake exercise. Poor posture can cause headaches as well as back and neck ache. Some slouching to one side or the other can also make our shoulders ache more. Massages are excellent for relaxing the muscle groups so we can more comfortable address our posture.

Some injuries or activities can have a detrimental effect on our posture. Knocks or excessive movements can cause aches and pains in the muscles and joints. We are prone to ‘guarding' painful areas, and we use our posture to compensate. This then causes poor posture and even spinal misalignments. It becomes a vicious cycle and may lead to you needing professional help to get back on an even keel.

There are often several ways to help a problem or achy back. Chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths all work to ensure alignment and mobility of your body. It is always best, however, to prevent the injuries or difficulties in the first place. Spend some time each day in the mirror to correct your posture and hold it for up to three minutes. This can be built up slowly over time. As you are walking down the street, try to hold your head up high and bring your pelvis in line. It may feel peculiar to walk in this corrected manner at first. Your back specialist should be able to help you with this.

Make the time for some massage or Yoga once a week to keep your muscles feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Tension can push our spine out of alignment quite easily and lead to further pains and discomfort. In addition to feeling less stressed and more relaxed, you should feel stronger and more energized. Yoga has the added benefit of teaching breathing techniques to help relax, energize, and cope with pain.

If your back pain is quite regular, consider visiting a chiropractor for regular alignment checks. Life does get in the way of good intentions far too often, but taking the time out to see someone may save you a lot of time out of action in the long run. Once your back is in good working order again, you can continue with your health and fitness program.

Ways to work out that will prevent your back flaring up again are quite numerous and should always be followed. Always warm up. Muscle ache will cause you to ‘guard' and potentially throw your posture off. Use a support belt whenever you can. Even if your preferred sports are most impactful on your wrists or arms, you should use the correct brace to reduce the impact. You may find the damage spreads quickly to your shoulder, neck and back.

If you play a contact sport, make the most of your club's sports therapist or Physio. Anything that involves moving your neck or head, such as Dance or Yoga, should be done in a warm environment. Start with some careful exercises to increase mobility in these areas. A good diet will go a long way to dramatically improving healing times if you do end up a little stiff or achy after exercise. Eating well will help your body revive itself too. A high nutrition diet is essential to good quality sleep as well. Sleep is the only time your body will repair or heal itself, so make sure you are able to get plenty of it every night.    

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