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There's always a big debate about whether you need a car in daily life. It will often depend on where you live and what your personal circumstances are. Sure, if you live somewhere like central London you may not need a car. The London Underground system is so efficient that you can get anywhere without the use of a car. One of the major arguments against having a car is often cited as the cost. But these days this is less of a problem. You can get used cars from a lot of dealerships for inexpensive prices. Many will also offer servicing and finance packages; you should click here for more information. This means everything's all in the same place making it easier and cheaper for you. Indeed, there are few good reasons why you shouldn't earn a car these days. But here are some reasons why you should. 3

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Perhaps the most attractive thing about owning a car is the independence and freedom it provides for you. Once you've bought a car, you are no longer shackled to your parents. You don't have to worry about relying on other people to take you to places. You can get in the car and drive and go wherever you want to. By having a car, you put yourself in control of your future and your destiny. If you're a young driver who's just passed your test having a car is invaluable. It'll mean you can go out and socialise, and you don't have your parents around cramping your style.

Financially Viable

While public transportation has its merits, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of having your own vehicle often outweigh the alternatives. Consider the expenses associated with daily commuting, such as bus or train fares, which can accumulate over time. With a car, you have the freedom to plan your schedule efficiently and potentially save on transportation costs in the long run. Moreover, the market for used cars provides affordable options for various budgets. You can easily find a used Ford Puma for sale online these days, or any other car for that matter which offers a blend of fuel efficiency, practicality, and affordability. Ultimately, investing in a car not only adds convenience to your daily life but can also contribute to financial savings and flexibility.


Cars are also great for convenience. You can get anywhere you need to be at any time of day or night if you own a car. If you get home from work and you realise you need to go into town to get something you can just jump in the car. Without a car, you might be looking at a grueling, stressful journey. But a car allows you to do the journey with comfort and ease. It's also perfect for doing your food shopping. With a car, you can wave goodbye to sore fingers and expensive taxi fares. Everything will go in the boot and back seat, and you'll be able to do a lot more shopping than usual.


One of the biggest reasons why you should have a car is for emergencies. You might live quite a distance from the doctors or hospital. If you need to get there quickly, you'll have to rely on someone taking you. Failing that you may need to take a taxi, and that will be expensive. Public transport is always an option, but it's not practical as it's slow and laborious. If you need to get yourself or someone else there in the event of an emergency, then a car is the best way to do this.

Improved Prospects

Having a car can improve and enrich your life in ways you might not have considered before. For instance, it can improve your work and education prospects. Many jobs contain caveats that you have to be able to drive in order to apply. Buy having a car you open this whole sub-set of jobs up to yourself. You'll also find it beneficial to your education. You'll be able to get to school or college on time each day without having to rely on public transport. You might find it useful if you go into higher education too. Being able to drive means you can comfortably look at going to university anywhere in the country.  

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