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dog friendly holidays

Well, you're perhaps justified in dreading all the paperwork and red-tape that would come with taking your dog with you on an international holiday, but if you really want to then you can make it happen and if you can you definitely should. If you're going on a local trip then there's no excuse at all to leave your dog behind, even if your loving neighbours promise to feed him and look out for him, perhaps even keep him in their yard while you're gone. You should take your family pet on holiday with you, especially if he's a dog as dogs make for good travellers if you create the right environment for them to tag along. iKnow UK has gathered a great guide on the logistics of travelling in the UK with a dog: I've written about exactly why you should do so!

Your canine is part of the family

You wouldn't leave one of your children behind going on a vacation you just know they'd rather love to come along on, would you? So why then are you even considering leaving your dog behind? Your canine is part of the family and deserves a nice holiday just as much as any other member of the family, so he should definitely come along. Yes, there will be the added responsibility of perhaps having to stop for more "bathroom breaks," but that's just part and parcel of what it means to have a family pet and this added responsibility is well worth having the family pet come along with you. Especially when you can find somewhere like these big bear pet friendly cabin rentals that are happy for dogs to come and enjoy the vacation with you. There is so much nature right on your doorstep that allows for exploring and long hikes around the lake.

Canines need some time out too

It'll do your dog a world of good to experience a world beyond what they've become accustomed to for as long as they've lived with you. Even if you perhaps have a big yard or you even take your dog out for regular, long walks around the block, something different to what they've become familiar with always does more good than harm. Jack Russell breeds, in particular, do extremely well in brand new environments to explore as this also contributes to them not developing too much of a desire to experience the rush of absconding when you're all back home. Even if you have a guard dog -- it probably needs some time out as well and its appreciation of being able to relax with the family will show when you all get back home.

The family will always have something to do

If you run low on energy to keep up with the kids in all the holiday activities, the family dog will gladly take your place as the perfect adventure buddy! Even if it's nothing more than throwing the Frisbee, stick or ball for him to fetch, when there's a dog around there's always something to do. Above all else, you'll be quite surprised and perhaps pleasantly so too to find just how much of a positive effect a holiday and the subsequent change in scenery have on your pet dog. The experience will undoubtedly speak to their wilder ancestry and bring out some instincts in them which are rather refreshing and help in your dog's development, no matter how young or old he may be.

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