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Nowadays it seems as though everything has to be bigger and better. It’s all about the next big thing, the next shiny gadget and the next pile of cash to pay for it. It can seem as though we are all entranced by the endless march of marketing that has us all reaching out for newer material goods.   But there’s a lot to be said for stripping everything back. A lot of people think that this means going all the way back to basics, getting rid of your phone and computer. Ditching your social media accounts and writing letters. But these people never heard of moderation. There is a way that you can have the best of both worlds, managing the desire for the new and exciting with the need to slow down and enjoy what you have.   And nowhere is this more applicable than in your technological life. Technology places demands on you at every moment of your waking life. You are constantly updated, constantly interrupted and therefore constantly distracted. If there is anywhere that we should be cutting back, it should be in the field of technology. 1

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  So how should you do this? First off, you should establish strict boundaries. It has been proven that not using a computer or a phone, or indeed any sort of technology, past a certain point in the evening will significantly aid your relaxation. It can be hard to establish a bedtime routine when you are constantly reacting to a phone going off. And it can be hard to truly concentrate on a nice quiet family dinner when you have one eye on your work email. To remedy this, you should establish a time beyond which all of your devices will be turned off. It can be as late as 10 or 11 O’clock in the evening, as long as it is a regular occurrence.   You might also want to think about whether you actually need all of the technology you have. Technology can make things simpler, but it can also overcomplicate things. Get back to basics by getting a phone that doesn’t have internet and games, and you’ll find that it controls your life less. You may also want to think about going back to basics with your games consoles. Instead of spending all of your time and money on those top of the range consoles why not look into some of the Famicon games for sale? You’ll find that they have a retro value that will take you back to a simpler time.   You could also think about the viability of going one step further and taking a whole day off from technology. If you find that you need to check your emails every hour during the week, then you can still annex a certain amount of time during the weekend for yourself. This will give you the best of both worlds, and make sure that you return to work happy, relaxed and ready for the challenges of the week to come.  

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