Winter is a season where motorists have to brace themselves for cold weather. In some parts of the world, this time of year signifies icy roads, snow and below-freezing temperatures. As you can imagine, driving in such conditions is something of a challenge for motorists.

It's also the time of year where car breakdowns are at their highest. Did you know that recovery trucks are busy and make most of their income from winter breakdowns alone? Of course, it's no fun having your car break down in the middle of a cold spell.  

Because it's a busy time of year for recovery companies, motorists will often have to wait a long time to get rescued. If you're worried about winter, it's important you maintain your car to avoid it breaking down. To begin with, you can take your car for regular maintenance and upkeep to an auto repair shop near your location. A mechanic can do basic inspections of your vehicle, including oil change, brake repair, heating system check, tire repair or replacement, etc., which can ensure your vehicle runs smoothly throughout the winter.

In addition to routine car upkeep, here are some simple steps anyone can carry out on their vehicles.

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Is your car worth maintaining?

Before you do anything, it's worth determining whether your car is "fit for purpose" for want of a better phrase. If you drive an old car, it can often cost a lot of money to keep it well-maintained. I got faced with this question last winter. Often I would have to spend three-figure sums on repairs for my old car. In the end, I gave in and bought myself a new Vauxhall from the Pentagon Group. My wallet was happy at that decision because I now ended up with a more reliable vehicle! Another way to look at this problem is as follows. If you have spent more than 60% of the value of your car repairing it last year, you should trade it in for a newer model this year.

Prevent your doors and locks from sealing shut

One of the most frequent calls to breakdown firms is from people whose cars get sealed with ice! The problem has most likely happened to you at some point. You go out on a cold winter's morning to find that your doors are all frozen shut! To prevent this issue, get some silicone lubricant grease and spray the rubber on each of your car doors and the door frames. You should also spray some inside of your door locks too.

Cover your windscreen in the evening

It's no secret that it gets colder in the evenings during the winter months. Scraping snow and ice from your windscreen the following morning is a real drag. The smart thing to do is to cover your windscreen the night before. You can buy special covers that wrap around your windscreen and fold inside of your front doors. Otherwise, use an old bed sheet or something similar that's big enough to cover the whole windscreen.

Park your car in your garage

If your house has a garage, you should consider parking your car in there at night. It's by far the best solution to keeping your car dry and maintained during winter. It also offers you the privacy and relative warmth to check your car's vital fluids and tyre pressures before you travel each day.  

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