One of the best interior design projects is revamping your kitchen. If you're going to do this, you'll need to plan it first. There's lots of stuff to consider when designing your new kitchen. I could go through them all, but we'd be here all day! Instead, I've picked out some of the most important things to think about:

Kitchen Worktops

When you're thinking about the design of your new kitchen, the worktops will be at the front of your mind. Every kitchen has worktops, but the way they look can change the whole feel of a kitchen. Your kitchen worktops must combine style with practicality. Pick one that looks good, but is made from a material that will last. Also, you'll need strong adhesives, like the ones on Strong adhesives will keep the worktops firmly in place. If they aren't stuck down properly, then they'll come loose very quickly.

Kitchen Floor

Choosing a kitchen floor is slightly different to choosing a floor in any other room. Largely because, you need a flooring that will last in a kitchen environment. This immediately rules out carpet, because it will be too much hassle. You need a hard floor that can easily be swept up and cleaned when you make a mess. Popular kitchen floors are either some form of tiling or laminate flooring. Both choices are great, they just exude slightly different styles, 6

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The kitchen is the room that will have the most cupboards in the house. You need cupboards in there to store all your things. There will be cupboards to store food, equipment, and who knows what else. So, you have to make sure there's enough cupboard space when designing your kitchen. But, and this is important, makes sure the cupboards don't compromise overall kitchen space. Furthermore, you will have to know the best places to position your cupboards. If the room is taken up by cupboards, there will be no room to maneuver. Find the right balance.


Make sure you get the lighting spot on in your kitchen. You're going to be doing lots of work in there, making food every day. So, there needs to be good enough lighting for you to work in. I'd recommend you make use of natural light in the kitchen. Make sure there are big windows that let in lots of sunlight. Then, for the ceiling light, you need something that will light up the entire room with ease.


No kitchen would be complete without the essential appliances. You have to remember to include space for a fridge and cooker in your kitchen. Also, if you want, you should include space for a dishwasher too. A dishwasher isn't really essential to the kitchen, but the other two are. Think about the fridge/cooker styles too. Do you go ultra modern, or something a little more traditional? If you have air conditioning or are looking into getting air conditioning (TSS Home Comfort provides air conditioning installation services in Caldwell), these add a sense of modernity to your kitchen while serving a strong purpose of keeping the space cool ready for cooking and socialising. Now again, these aren't essential, but they do add a nice touch. 7

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A great kitchen can really add value to your house. Before you start, think about what style you're going for. Modern kitchens look great, but so do rustic style ones - the choice is yours! Just remember to think about all of the things I mentioned above.

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