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Who doesn't love a good gadget? These little nuggets of technology improve our life and keep us excited on a daily basis. Technology is evolving rapidly and never more so than in our cars. With the move towards hybrid and electric cars, the future is already here on our roads. Future motoring and technology from places like Torc Robotics (which you can check here to learn more about) will even see the introduction of self-driving cars and vehicles that talk to each other.

Before those future technologies arrive as standard on our roads, we'll have to make do with gadgets. There are plenty of new car gadgets to get your hands on. They are designed to help us drive more safely and more economically on the road. They also provide us with better entertainment too. Whatever you need from your car, there's a gadget to help you out. Here's our look at the four most useful.

4G hotspot

Within the next five years, 25% of new cars will come with integrated wifi and internet. Some preowned auto dealers in St. Louis are already selling cars with this technology. However, you don't need a flashy new car to get your hands on it. 4G hotspots are now available that act a little like a wireless router. They sit in your car and provide a solid internet connection. You can connect up you smartphones and stream your favourite music from Spotify or Pandora.

Digital Breathalyzer

You should never get into a car if you've had even a small glass of alcohol. However, the law does allow for a tiny amount. Keep this digital breathalyzer in your glove compartment. That way, you'll always know if you're on the right side of the law. If you're even a bit unsure though, just don't drink.

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Engine Reader

This comes in many forms. You can download a simple app for your phone and connect it to your car. On the other hand, you can buy a specific engine reader. Both perform the same function. They can read the electric output of your engine and let you know when it needs servicing. It tells you how the brake pads are faring and how much charge the battery has. It is a vital tool for staying on top of your car maintenance.

Dash Cam

In some countries, a dash cam is a legal requirement. Even in those where it isn't required, it's good practice to install one. The rise of personal injury claims is unavoidable. Most of these arise from traffic accidents. In those situations it is very difficult to assign blame and you can get stuck in lengthy lawsuits. A simple dashcam will get rid of the hassle. You can simply play it back and the entire scenario is caught on camera.

With Christmas just around the corner, these gadgets are perfect for the car lover. However, anyone with a weakness for technology will love them. These gadgets help us stay safe out on the road. However, we are only just scraping the surface of future car technology. It is an exciting time.

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