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Chinos are a great item of clothing to have in your wardrobe. They are somewhere in the middle of casual khaki trousers, and dressy trousers, so you can wear them and look smart/casual at the same time. But how do you style chinos? You have lots of options, so take a look and see:

Chinos and a Polo Top

The chinos/polo top look is great for a variety of occasions. You could wear this to the pub, to a wedding reception, or just out shopping. You can make this look extra special by pairing it with a pair of standout shoes. Don’t forget accessories such as a nice watch and sunglasses if it’s a sunny day.

The Chinos/Shirt Combo

Chinos and skinny chinos look amazing with a shirt. Depending on the colour of the chinos you’re wearing, you can create a variety of different looks. Here are a few ideas to give you inspiration:
  • You could create a kind of nautical feel with your look by pairing white chinos with a light blue shirt. This look is crisp and fresh.
  • You could give your look a bold pop of colour by wearing green chinos, for example, with a dark blue shirt.
  • Beige chinos look great with white shirts and blue shirts.
  • Wear a jumper over your shirt for cooler days and to create a real preppy look.
This look doesn’t need to look too formal either. You can easily make this look more casual by wearing your shirt unbuttoned, your chinos rolled up, and casual pumps on your feet.

The Smart/Distressed Look

One thing I love about chinos is that they can keep you looking smart but still cool if you pair them with the right items. A pair of chinos with a casual t-shirt, blazer, and distressed looking boots looks amazing. You could also pair your chinos with a shaggy hairstyle and a shirt with rolled up sleeves.

Weekend Chinos

The weekend calls for a smart yet casual look. Wear your chinos with a plain t-shirt and some Converse to look laidback yet cool. Alternatively, if it’s a little cooler in the day, you could wear a casual cardigan over the top to keep you toasty. Roll up the chinos if you feel you want to make the look even more laidback.

Changing Up Your Look

You can literally create a different look with chinos each and every time. Try patterned jackets and t-shirts to funk up your look while keeping it casual. You don’t need to go for the standard ‘toasted’ shade of chinos either; red chinos make a statement, while pastel blues are different yet sophisticated. Shoe wise, you’ll want to wear pumps, sneakers, or smart shoes depending on the occasion. Avoid showing your socks, as this never looks right with chinos. This page should be able to give you even more ideas on styling different items of clothing, should you need it. Have fun styling up your chinos different ways!

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