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Summer is just around the corner and those well-intentioned New Years Resolutions are but a distant memory. If you’re reading this, the chances are your efforts to improve your fitness have so far failed. Don’t worry though, there are always more options out there for you to explore.   For me, the very best way to improve your fitness and get in shape is through cycling. It’s great fun too. You get to travel around the country and see some of the most beautiful landscapes around, all while you get in shape! Here’s your guide to getting fit by cycling. 232314

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Getting the Right Equipment

  The first thing you need if you want to start cycling is a bike. You won’t get very far without one. Make sure your bike is right for the kind of cycling you want to do. Cycling on the road isn’t the same as biking up a mountainside. So, think about how you’ll use the bike before you buy it.   You’ll also need a sturdy helmet to prevent any serious injuries. If you’re cycling on the roads, you should buy flashlights and reflectors, so you’re noticeable to cars. You also shouldn’t go cycling without a water bottle - staying hydrated is vital.  

Stick to a Strict Routine

  Starting a fitness routine centered around cycling is useless unless you stick to it religiously and keep pushing yourself hard. You won’t see any of the benefits unless you leave your comfort zone. Draw up your plans in advance and then once they become too easy for you, make new ones.   It’s not always easy to stay motivated though. If you do have trouble sticking to a routine, you’ll have to start looking for ways to keep yourself going.  

Get a Partner

  One way of motivating yourself is by finding a cycling partner and taking on your new routine together. It can be a friend or someone you’ve met at the gym. Just make sure you get along before you start!   It’s much easier to stick to a routine if you have someone alongside you to accompany you and spur you on. It also creates a bit of healthy competition, which can only be a good thing.  

The Benefits You’ll See

  There are lots of fitness benefits associated with cycling. Firstly, your overall fitness will improve because cycling is a form of cardiovascular exercise. It raises your pulse and gets you out of breath!   Cycling also gives your muscles a thorough workout. You’ll definitely start to see your legs bulking up if you stick to the routine.  

The Drawbacks

  There things you have to be careful about when starting cycling though. If you’re cycling on the road, you’re at risk of being hit by a car. Luckily, if you do suffer an accident, you can get bicycle accident compensation. But the injuries can be pretty nasty, so make sure you use the best safety equipment and ride carefully.   Cycling is a great way to stay fit. So, if you need to get in better shape, put on your helmet and get cycling!  

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