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The American road trip is an institution. There have been countless novels written and movies made about them. But what if you want to actually go on one? There's no reason why you shouldn't, and this guide will give you some help and inspiration when you're planning yours.

Pick a Great Route

If you're going to experience a memorable road trip, you first need to pick a great route. America is full of great routes to explore. You could take Highway 61 which is the road connecting New Orleans to Wyoming. It's 1,400 miles long and takes you through some of the most beautiful terrains in southern America. But the most famous route in America is, of course, Route 66. Nowadays it's hard to drive the whole route because sections of it are missing or have been taken away. But it's still a drive a lot of people want to do because of its fame and prestige.


You're going on a long journey through a lot of different states, some of which may have different laws concerning the insurance cover you need to have in place should you get into an accident. Get your paperwork sorted and keep the right papers in your glovebox so that if you get stopped at any point, you have the correct documentation. This will also cover you if you're involved in a crash and you're trying to claim compensation. This personal injury attorney Las Vegas firm can give you legal advice if you suffer an injury as a result of a crash on your road trip, but you don't need to worry about that unless it happens. Just make sure you have insurance!

Brush Up on Your Map Reading Skills

The last thing you want on your road trip is to get lost on the road. If this happens, you'll be in a tricky situation. And when there are no clear landmarks or signposts, it's easy to lose your sense of direction. That's why you need to brush up on your map reading skills before you hit the road. I wouldn't recommend relying on a satnav device or your mobile phone either. These items can break easily or lose battery power. There's no beating the tried and tested paper map! Make sure you buy an up to date one before you depart on your trip.

Make Sure You Have Enough Storage

Ideally, you'll be travelling light when you hit the road, but there are some things that everyone needs to take on a long road trip. You're going to need clothes and supplies to last you while you're on those long stretches of uninhabited road. You have to plan for survival when you're on a road trip. If you're travelling by car, you shouldn't find yourself short on space because you can pile everything you need into the back of the car. But you might have more of a problem if you're riding your motorcycle. If that's what you're doing, find somewhere that has pull behind motorcycle trailers for sale.

Talk to Strangers

Being able to talk to strangers and get help from wherever you can find it is a big part of the American road trip experience. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you're undertaking a long, strenuous journey so you might often find yourself relying on help from strangers. It's also great to be able to make new friends along the way too. You shouldn't shut yourself off from people. Going on a road trip is all about seeing new places and meeting new people, so enjoy everything that the road throws your way! 4

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If you follow this guide, you're sure to have a memorable and enjoyable American road trip.  

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