When it comes to your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. You may have been dreaming of this day for years, or you may not care that much and want to get on with the happily-ever-after part. Either way, you'll want to put some thought into your footwear.   Choosing a dress, may be the most stressful for some women, but it's the shoes that make or break the day. Your wedding shoes should be practical, yet stylish; make a statement, yet match your dress; and above all comfortable. Here are 5 tips to choosing the right wedding shoes for your big day.  

1. Practical

  If stiletto heels are the best look for you, then wear them. However, walking, dancing, and visiting family and friends in such tall shoes may not be practical.   You'll want to think about where your wedding is taking place. If the venue is outdoors or in a barn, tall heels will get stuck in mud, dirt and anything else that has been left outdoors or dragged into the barn. For this type of wedding, look for dressy boots or chunky style shoes. Custom made may be the best bet for these type of shoes.  

2. Stylish

  No matter where your nuptials will take place, stylish shoes are what every woman dream of. When choosing shoes, keep your budget in mind. Stylish shoes are not always the most expensive.   Special occasion shoes tend to be expensive because they are usually only worn for that one event. You could choose a pair of shoes that you will wear more than just on your big day. This way you will not mind spending a little more on them.  

3. Make a Statement

  Use your theme as a guide to shoe choices for the day. If you are having a 1920's Gatsby themed wedding, look for low heels in a mix of lace and satin. If you are getting married outdoors at the beach, opt for pearls and beads around sandals.   There are tons of websites which will tell you the type and style of shoes worn by brides in any given year. You could also take a page from your favorite book or movie character. What would she wear on her wedding day? Use your imagination and come up with something whimsical or outrageous.  

4. Match Your Dress

  Not all dresses and shoes need to match; however, on the day all eyes will be on you and you may want to match your dress. Almost all bridesmaids’ dresses and shoes are dyed to match, so doing the same for your special shoes makes sense.  

5. Be Comfortable

  Gone are the footwear for brides that are meant to look good, but not feel good. You are going to be wearing these shoes for several hours and they need to be "worry-free". Put them on and forget about them.   You could also select more than one pair of wedding footwear. There is no rule that states the shoes you walk down the aisle in need to be the same shoes you take photos in the park wearing, or even the same ones you dance the night away in.   Above all, keep in mind, this is your day. Don't let anyone, any protocol, or any style decides your wedding shoes for you. This day is about love, and you and your mate. Make sure you love your shoes.